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Château de Goulaine

Christophe de Goulaine Allée du Château 44115 Haute-Goulaine (Loire Atlantique)
Phone : 02 40 54 91 42
Open website http://www.chateaudegoulaine.fr Built the markets of Britain, the Château de Goulaine opens its doors. By its architecture, you will be able to discover its history that begins in the middle ages, with its ancient fortified parts, then the corps de logis dating from the 15th century and finally completed in the 17th century. Upon entering the Court, you will be surprised to see that this castle offers three outputs in one. Indeed, a live tropical butterflies Aviary is open to you! You can stroll in the middle of this magical world of colors where the plants compete in beauty with butterflies. Museum official LU will then offer you a gourmet through the artitistique collection and advertising from the famous Nantes brand visit. You can discover first shop objects, sculptures, paintings, Collectible cards and especially the original painting of the "Petit Beurre" dating from 1897. Finally, to finish, a guide will take you to the discovery of the salons of the Castle and the history of this family of Goulaine, old of more than 1,000 years. This story continues, because the castle remains private and inhabited by the "De Goulaine"! If you have the desire to discover the places, also be aware that Marsh Goulaine can fill you on a nature tour in the middle of the water channels, grasslands and vineyards.
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