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Gîte de Courceriers

Gallais sophie Courceriers 53160 Saint-Thomas-de-Courceriers (Mayenne)
телефон : 02 43 37 96 21  - факс : 02 43 37 96 21
смотреть на сайте http://www.courceriers.com The gîte consists of a 17th century tower on 5 levels linked by a spiral staircase. It is equipped with all modern conveniences. It is completely separate from the owners’ house, which is nearby. In the grounds surrounding the gîte are the ruins of an ancient 15th century fortress, a fishing lake of approximately one and a half hectares and a 2nd class river.The surrounding countryside offers peace and quiet and delightful walks. It is also an area of great historical interest, with outstanding sites ranging from the Renaissance through the Middle-Ages to Pre-historic times. Here are a few examples within a 20 km radius
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